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Looking for ways to make sure you stay healthy this season?

Getting a flu vaccine is one of the best things you can do to avoid getting and spreading the flu.


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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t
Dodge the Flu Vaccine 

Less than half of adults aged 18 years and older receive a flu vaccine, which means a majority of people put themselves and others at risk of getting the flu. During the 2017-18 season alone, there were 959,000 hospitalizations and 79,400 deaths in the US due to flu-related illness, which serves as a reminder of how severe seasonal flu can be. If you find yourself dodging the flu vaccination this season, here are five reasons to start protecting yourself and those around you.


  The flu can knock you out.

Many folks believe the flu, while unpleasant, is relatively harmless. Anyone, including healthy people, can become seriously ill. There’s also a risk of severe complications that could require hospitalization or become life-threatening.

This is especially true for vulnerable populations like those aged 65 and over, young children and anyone with pre-existing health conditions. If you or anyone you care for are in one of these groups, getting a flu vaccination is critical to decreasing the chance of life-threatening flu complications.

  The vaccine turns you into a flu fighter.

The flu vaccine can keep you from getting sick by helping your body recognize and fight off the virus, even when you’re unknowingly exposed to it. That’s right – the flu vaccination gives you superpowers. Getting your vaccine early can increase your odds of staying healthy throughout flu season.

  Instead of fighting the flu, you could be sharing the flu.

If you dodge the flu vaccine, you are at risk of spreading the virus to friends, family and co-workers. Up to 30 percent of people who carry the flu virus never experience symptoms but are still contagious enough to pass the virus along. You could be sharing the flu with your family and friends and not even realize it! A flu vaccination can help prevent you from getting sick with the added bonus of keeping those you care about healthy.

The flu really knocks you off your game.

Your body isn’t the only thing that takes a hit when the flu strikes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle does too. The flu knocks your routine off balance by taking you away from work, the gym and fun adventures. Why get knocked down by the flu for a week, when you can get a flu vaccination in just a few minutes?

  The flu vaccine is inexpensive. Getting the flu is not.

For little to no cost, you can get a flu vaccine to help you avoid getting the flu – and a pile of bills. Without your vaccination, you could end up paying for medication, doctor’s visits or even a hospital stay.

These costs can quickly exceed what you would spend getting your flu vaccination in the first place, especially if the flu causes you to miss work and a paycheck. Each year, employees miss approximately 17 million workdays because of the flu – that amounts to $7 billion a year in sick days and lost productivity. Getting a flu vaccine may be the best investment you make each year!






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